Current needs

Special needs for 2005

Praise God, Hogar Nacer is growing! But all this growth has created many needs. We hope you might be able to help meet these needs. Please keep reading to learn more …

Dentist's office

We are thankful that we now have a dentist's office, where volunteer dentists can come and work on the boys' teeth. But right now we don't have much beyond the basic necessities. We would like to improve our dentist's office with:

Soccer school

Physical activity for the kids is very helpful in the process of detoxification. We have a soccer school, but we need some equipment for it:

Health and hygiene

Street kids present a series of health needs and we must meet them. We have a constant need of medications for the first aid room.

Covering our health needs costs an average of $10 per person.


Educating 85 children and teenagers is a huge responsibility because we have to supply all of their school supplies and provide for their transportation.

Monthly, we need $680 to cover education costs for the kids. Here is a breakdown of the costs:

Clothes and shoes

Providing shelter for 85 boarders creates a large need for clothes and shoes. Since they are growing children, they often need clothes every three months.

85 kids × $30 = $2550 every 3 months
$2550 ÷ 3 months = $850 monthly

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