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Negra's story

He's just a boy, and his name is Negra. He left his home for the streets after being abused. But the streets are a tough place. Negra became a thief. He started stealing small things like candy, and then bigger and bigger things. He got into drugs.

The saddest part of Negra's story is that he's not alone. There are over 5,000 street children in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Most boys on the street

But Negra has a hope and a future. He found Jesus Christ at Casa Hogar Nacer.

Transforming boys' lives

Casa Hogar Nacer is a boys home in the country for street kids from Santa Cruz. It's a Christ-centered place where boys find peace and stability, often for the first time in their lives.

About 80 boys live at Casa Hogar Nacer. Our goal is to rehabilitate their minds and bodies and eventually help them reintegrate with society. While they're here, they receive spiritual guidance, get an education, participate in physical activities, and learn about responsibility.

Spiritual guidance: These boys' lives can only truly be changed by the power of Jesus Christ. Kids here receive Bible teaching. We show the kids how to develop a relationship with God. Every morning, the boys spend time praying and having devotions.

Education: During the school year, each boy attends a nearby school. In the evenings, they can get help with homework.

Physical activity: Many boys arrive at Casa Hogar Nacer fighting drug addiction. Physical activity makes the detoxification process easier. So the kids play futbol, basketball, and other games. Their bodies get exercise, and they also learn about team work.

Responsibility: Street kids need structure, so we give them a daily routine that involves individual and group chores. Each boy helps clean and maintain his living area, and also contributes to running the camp. The boys plant vegetables gardens and trees, they help build dorms and new structures, they cook meals, and they take care of the animals.

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Phases of Rehabilitation

During their time at Casa Hogar Nacer, each boy will go through four phases of rehabilitation:

  1. Adoption - The boy arrives and begins learning our system.
  2. Detoxification - His mind and body begins to be cleansed. They leave drugs and get involved in sports.
  3. Recuperation - The boy begins to take responsibility. He becomes aware of the changes in his life.
  4. Reintegration - When he feels secure enough, the boy moves to a home in the city where he will find work and prepare to rejoin society.
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